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Clube da Pesca Amazon Juma has a partnership with the largest Sport Fishing Institute in Brazil, Clube da Pesca. Clube da Pesca accompanies groups of fishermen during the high fishing season, from September to November. Organizers of the largest sport fishing rankings in Brazil, Clube da Pesca has an Instagram page with more than 220 thousand followers. 

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The spots to fish with the masters of Clube da Pesca are highly disputed, usually filled by owners of brands linked to fishing, manufacturers of rods, baits, accessories, content creators, influencers and TV show hosts. Its founder, Thiago Henrique Fantini, writes articles for magazines, collaborates on legislative issues related to the protection of species, banning the slaughter of sport fish, campaigns and activities related to fishing tourism, as an ecologically sustainable business. Follow Clube da Pesca on social networks, and follow the news from Mundo da Pesca in Brazil, the country with the biggest and most sporting fish in the world!


In this photo we can see one of the records of Dr. Thiago H. Fantini, a peacock bass from the Juma River measuring 90 cm and ten kilograms. Among the most sporting species in the country, there is also the Matrinxã, or Jatuarana as it is popularly known, and the Tucunaré Azul, considered the ambassador of Brazilian sport fishing.

WhatsApp Image 2021-10-19 at 23.08.45.jpeg

Peacock Bass-  Kaka

Peacock Bass - Laurent

To purchase Clube da Pesca products and help the institute, to monitor the progress of Brazilian rankings and learn more about the fantastic work that Clube da Pesca is doing in the country, visit the website

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