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Rustic Lodge on the Mutuca River - U$ 1.560,00

A sport fishing operation with the comfort of rustic lodge, built by fishermen who are passionate about tucunare. Excellent cuisine, an excellent location and the best guides in the region.

#  for up to 20 people

Our daily rates include:

- Transfer from Manaus  airport to Mutuca River Rustic Lodge;

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner;

- Snacks and Fruits;

-still and sparkling bottled water, juices, soft drinks, pure malt beer;

- Suites for 3 or 4  people, with air conditioning;

- 5 days of fishing;

- complete fishing boat for 2 fishermen

Bass Fishing
Bass Fishing
amazon fishing

With luck and the right technique you will also be able to capture a giant  peacock bass. Large specimens are always more difficult. There are seasons when they are hooked more easily with jigs, others with surface baits with a prop, it all depends on a number of intriguing and mysterious factors. It is up to you angler, along with your pair, to test and find out with which bait the fishery will be most successful.

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