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We are an Jungle Lodge  in Juma River


is located 350 km south of Manaus, AM. It has a wild structure, in direct contact with nature. All rooms have air conditioning, a balcony with a hammock and a spectacular view of the Juma River. We offer our guests tasty food, loving treatment, guided tours and safaris, bird watching, night watching of anacondas and crocodiles, safari through the flooded forest and sport fishing for our exclusive species.

Our daily rates include:

- Transfer from Manaus airport to the Lodge;

- Breakfast, lunch and dinner;

- Snacks and Fruits;

- Suites for 2 or 3 people, with air conditioning;

Tucunaré grows year after year. A law that prevails in the entire forest reserve of the Juma River, prohibits the killing of Tucunaré, thus favoring sport fishing and fish growth. The next world record is sure to come out of the Juma River.

Bass Fishing
Bass Fishing
amazon fishing

With luck and the right technique you will also be able to capture a peacock bass of this size. Large specimens are always more difficult. There are seasons when they are hooked more easily with jigs, others with surface baits with a prop, it all depends on a number of intriguing and mysterious factors. It is up to you angler, along with your pair, to test and find out with which bait the fishery will be most successful.

Peacock Fishing
Peacock Fishing
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