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Citrus Fruits



The Forest Symbol

A trail through the oldest forest in the world reveals the preserved nature of the Rio Juma sustainable development reserve. The ancients say that when touching the kapok, it is possible to feel a connection with the entire forest.

The trail is on the property of the Hotel, which has more than 25 bushels of preserved land.

Pacote Sumaúma

    Jardim Botânico

    vitória régia

    The flower that only the creatures of the night behold.

    On the first day of all ecotourism packages, we stopped to appreciate the plant at a point of the transfer. Sightings during water safaris are also common.

    Pacote Vitória-Régia




    Noite na Floresta

    "A relaxing and surprising symphony that makes you shiver. It makes you feel alive!" - Dr. Thiago H. Fantini

    A camp in the Amazon rainforest with meditation and food preparation by the group under the guidance of guides.

    Pacote Noite Na Floresta

    safari Amazônico

    A complete package that encompasses all activities in the forest

    In this package it is possible to experience every taste of the forest, carrying out a true adventure full of unforgettable experiences

    Pacote Safari Amazônico

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